Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mom's Island Bakens is Given a 5 Star Review by a Guy Who Says He is "Next To Useless In the Kitchen"

The following 5 star review of Mom's Island Bakens is by T. R. Heinan, author of
L'Immortalite: Madame Lalaurie and the Voodoo Queen
Mom’s Island Bakens by Martha Char Love is the only cookbook I have ever actually wanted to recommend. As a guy who is next to useless in the kitchen, I nearly gave up on cookbooks, and even magazine recipes, when I discovered that they always seem to require at least one ingredient that can only be purchased at two mom and pop stores in New Delhi or only sold in Alaska on Tuesdays during the month of July.  
At last here are recipes that only require ingredients you are likely to find at your local grocer. When it comes to making substitutions in recipes, the author has already done it for you. The entire book is filled with the substitutions needed to make old family recipes healthier. In fact, the first four chapters are devoted to learning how to make everything you cook heathier, with an eye to nutrient density, lowering the glycemic index and balancing pH levels. There is even a easy to follow section on how to make a gluten free baking flour mix. This book also gives you the tools to modify your own family recipes in order to make them healthier. As a heart patient, I really appreciate having this information. 
Mom's Island Bakens provides over fifty recipes and even entire meals that you can make to enjoy truly healthy eating without having to acquire the tools and skills of a top chef or ingredients you’ve never ever seen anyplace you shop. So glad I discovered this little book. I give it five stars. 
Mom's Island Bakens
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