Saturday, November 29, 2014

Join Author Martha Char Love of new cook book "Mom's Island Bakens" on It Matters Radio

Join Martha Char Love, author of new cook book Mom's Island Bakens for a live Broadcast on "IT Matters Radio", Thursday, December 4th 9PM ET, 8PM CT, 7PM MT, 6PM PT. Find out about cooking nutritious food that is also delicious.

If you missed the broadcast, then you may still see the full interview here:!martha-char-love/cx6y

Review by Co-Host Ken Weene of Mom's Island Bakens:

Anybody here not like to eat?

I admit it; I like to eat and I love tasty food. The problem is that nagging worry about health. You know the one, the one asking will this be healthy for me as well as tasty? Eating well — not just delicious  but healthy — requires a lifestyle change for most people. Martha Char Love tries to help with Mom’s Island Bakens. It isn’t just the over fifty recipes in the book that are helpful, there are chapters about how to alter recipes in general, for example some advice on how to lower the glycemic index and how to balance acidity and alkalinity. She offers specific recipes for specific problems such as poor sleeping and jetlag. Martha also gives tips for cleaning your kitchen without using dangerous chemicals.

While neither a nutritionist nor a chemist, Love condenses a lot of useful information into her book, much as she encourages her readers to pack nutrient density into their food. This is a book for people who care what they put into their guts and that is certainly something for all of us to care about.

Review by Kenneth Weene,
Co-Host, It Matters Radio

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