Wednesday, June 18, 2014

About Author and Cook Martha Char Love and the Writing of this Cookbook

Martha Char Love


artha Char Love does not write this cook book as a professional nutritionist but more as a mom and lifetime family cook who has always had the well-being of her family’s gut in mind. She has used her long years of cooking experience coupled with her professional counseling abilities to write this book to guide people who have found it necessary due to illness and health issues or simply from a smart move toward well-being to strive to make healthy changes to their diets. 

You will also find included in Mom's Island Bakens several original recipes from Martha Char Love’s own mother Martha Campbell Whitenton, who was one of the world’s best family cooks. Before Martha Campbell Whitenton passed away in January of 2014, she was very excited that some of her original recipes would be included in this book and also that there would be a version of her recipes altered to include more healthy ingredients for a more nutritious meal. Martha Campbell Whitenton was a woman with a high regard and goals for advanced education of all people and who at one time was a professor of accounting at the same community college, Meridian Junior College, where Martha Char was also teaching psychology and was a full-time guidance counselor. 

Martha Campbell Whitenton, mother of author Martha Char Love

Martha Campbell Whitenton always stressed to her family the importance of learning and making changes to meet one’s full human potential. Her inspiring influence is the reason that Martha Char was able to freely alter her recipes and invent these new gut and heart healthy meals. Martha Char demonstrates how to honor your own mother’s cooking by making her recipes healthier to meet today’s nutritional knowledge and by altering them freely for your own well-being.

Martha Char Love, MA, PMA, is also the co-author, along with her colleague Robert W Sterling, of What’s Behind Your Belly Button: A Psychological Perspective of the Intelligence of Human Nature and Gut instinct, available on Amazon and in Hastings bookstores. She has made exploring and studying the intelligence of the gut response her life work as a former counselor and professor in psychology in community colleges, a licensed school psychologist for Alachua County Schools K-12 in Gainesville, Florida, and a researcher in the field of Analytical Psychology.

Martha Char Love reminds us that there is much more you can do for your digestive system along with eating the right foods. She encourages achieving body-mind unity through reducing stress using the Somatic Reflection Process to explore and understand your gut feeling responses and emphasizes that this is the key to calming the gut and having positive gut health. To learn the reflection process technique that will further increase your gut awareness and well-being, please be sure and explore the website dedicated to her book about gut feeling intelligence at
You are also invited to join Martha Char Love on her blog to explore the intelligence of the second brain—the gut feeling response and the enteric nervous system at

If you would like to contact her with your responses to this book and about your own healthy diet experiences, please do so at


  1. Martha, thanks ever so much for alerting me to the availability of your new book. This is surely the next book I will purchase and recommend to others. I have perused your table of contents and can't wait to try some of your recipes, especially the ones that I immediately identify with and those that incorporate the healthy ingredients that I have recently become accustomed to. I am a subscriber to the notion that going 'gluten free' is an intelligent action to take. One does not need to be gluten intolerant to make this wise decision but understand the need to eliminate most grains and especially refined flours and sugars from the diet to reduce and hopefully eradicate the damaging inflammation that leads to the most common serious illnesses. I am a firm believer that most illnesses can be cured with intelligent nutrition without the need for modern day pharmaceuticals.

  2. What a fitting tribute to your beautiful Mother Martha. Your work has proven that she may be gone but is definitely not forgotten and in many respects, this book is her legacy as well. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you Linda, she was a special person and an amazing cook. Writing this book was one way that I have dealt with her loss.

  3. What a great idea. I've spent 17 years a;tering the most decadent recipes to heart healthy and almost gut healthy--not sure about that. I can also make dishes so delicious that no one realizes they are salt free. Good luck with this!!

    1. Micki, I am sure that you being a mom of 8 children have become through the years an expert at not only leaving out salt in food but also sneaking healthy ingredients in food without anyone knowing it. You may like my secret ingredient spaghetti! Do hope you come back and share with us again as I plan to have a special place for sharing cooking tips and experiences by readers of Mom's Island Bakens!

  4. LInda, yes there are a number of recipes in Mom's Island Bakens using non-gluten flours, and many that I have suggested substituting my non-gluten flour blend recipe (on page 22) for whole wheat. In my family, most of the members have found that (despite some illnesses including cancer, as well as heart and gut issues) whole wheat is not an issue for us as long as it is used in very moderate amounts and it is organic (even sprouted is preferred). While not everyone seems to be allergic to wheat, we have experienced a need for balance in our diets. So, while everyone's body is different (yes some people are allergic to wheat and to many other foods), there are a few things we all need to do for excellent health and three of these are what I am concentrating on in this cookbook and demonstrating how to alter food to accommodate without losing flavors: high nutrient density (making sure every bite you eat is as high as possible in nutrients); a balance of the pH acidic-alkaline levels (most diets are too alkaline); and keeping the glycemic index as low as possible. These three of course rule out the use of refined grains or sugars.I look forward to having you try out some of my recipes and will be interested to hear about your healthy cooking discoveries. I plan to have a special comment section on this blog for readers and cooks to share their cooking experiences with Mom's Island Bakens and i do hope you will return and share with us again.