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Table of Contents for "Mom's Island Bakens"

To give you an idea of what Mom's Island Bakens is all about and what delicious and healthy recipes are included, here is the table of contents:

A Word About “Mom’s Notes and Tips”
And A Word About Tasting
Updates and Recipe Versions

Chapter 1:
Changing a Recipe to Your Taste
and to the Most Updated Knowledge
About a Healthy Diet
Making Substitutions in Recipes
Flour Substitutions
Basic Gluten Free Baking Flour Mix
Substituting Liquids for Dry ingredients
A word about Egg Replacement
Three Important Healthy Ways to Alter and Improve a Recipe
Adding Ingredients for  Nutrient Density
Lowering the Glycemic Index
Balancing Your Acid-Alkaline pH Levels
Chapter Summary

Chapter 2:
Altering Dishes
Where to Start In Making Healthy Substitutions
What to Do When you Yearn for “Comfort Foods”
Emotions and Need for Comfort Foods

Chapter 3:
How I Altered Two of Mother’s Recipes
Recipe 1: Mother’s Original Shrimp and Rice Dish
My Altered Healthy Version of My Mother’s Shrimp and Rice Dish
Recipe 2: Mother’s Saving Grace Spaghetti
My Altered Healthy Version of Mother’s Life Saving Spaghetti—I Now
     Call “Secret Ingredient  Spaghetti”

Chapter 4:
Cakes, Breads, and Muffins
Organic Lemon Cake with Walnut and Lemon Icing Glaze
Frozen Log Cake—Coconut Milk Whipped Cream with Mayan Chocolate
Banana Nut Bread
Mom’s Island Ginger bread
Raison-Walnut Vanilla Muffins
Zucchini Gluten-Free Muffins
Heart Healthy Raison-Walnut Bread
Alternative—Handmade Bread Directions
Yum-Yum Chocolate Cherry Bread
Best Beet Chocolate Chewy Brownies
It’s More than a Scone

Chapter 5:
Easy Green Tea Almond Cookies
Favorite Oatmeal Raison Cookies
Oatmeal Cranberry Walnut Cookies
Double Chocolate Cherry Almond Cookies

Chapter 6:
Basic Altered Healthy Pie Crust
Agave Pumpkin/Sweet Potato Pie with Rice Milk  
Chocolate Cream Pie
Mom’s Island Apple Pie #1
Mom’s Island Apple Pie #2
Delicious Healthy Cherry Pie
Mango Ice cream

Chapter 7:
Main Entrées with Some Side Dishes
Nepalese Style Cauliflower and Potato
One Dish, Easy Baked Veggies  and Fish
Oven Baked Fruit
Meal in a Pumpkin—A Child’s Delight
Roman Hawaiian Pizza
Elves’ Squash Dish
Potato and Mushroom Delight
Navy Bean—Pine Nut Burgers
Hot Veggie Sandwiches
Wild Rice Stuffed Peppers
Hot Almond Butter Sandwiches
Pesto Pasta and Veggies
Perfect Microwaved Organic Corn on the Cob
Chili Soup
Mom's Island Baken Beans

Chapter 8:
Soups, Salads, and Side Dishes
Minestrone Soup
Lentil Soup
Coconut Milk Soup
Miso soup
Papaya Salad
Special Cold Salad Green Beans
Pumpkin and Raison Soufflé
Mango Rice
Green Salad Delight
Bob's Longevity Oatmeal
Jetlag Fruit Salad

Chapter 9:
Condiments and Sauces
Homemade Organic Ketchup
Green Heaven Greek-Yogurt Dressing
Yogurt Tartar Sauce
Blueberry Jelly
Raw Cocoa Syrup
Mint Sauce
Basal and Pine Nut Pesto
Fresh Fruit Yogurt Dip

Chapter 10:
The Happy Gut and  Healthy Heart
The Happy Gut
Organic Edamame and Depression
Himalayan Salt
Try Eating Something New! Mangosteins, Durians, and Pear Apples!
Food That Will Help You Regulate Your Sleep

Chapter 11:
One for Rover!
Puppy Pancakes Treats

Chapter 12:
Kitchen Cleaning Tips
Cleaning Your Oven Using Non-Toxic Household Products 
Cleaning the Food Smells from Inside Your Microwave
Cleaning Sterling Silver

Appendix 1:
ANDI Scores

Appendix 2:
pH Levels of Ingredients of the Recipes in This Book: Accentuate the Alkaline in Your Diet 

Appendix 3:
Guide to Measurement Substitutions

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