Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mom's Island Bakens: Over 50 Altered Recipes For a Happy Gut and a Healthy Heart

Mom's Island Bakens: 

Over 50 Altered Recipes For a Happy Gut and a Healthy Heart

by Martha Char Love

here are over 50 original recipes in this book and all are very delicious and healthy foods—many entire meals. The recipes that I have included are from my personal collection that I have created over a 40-year span of time and that I refined to healthy versions for gut and heart over the years to reflect modern knowledge about excellent nutrition and well-being.

Best of all in this book, you will be given cooking tips throughout that will help you become a skilled and creative cook with gut and heart health in mind. Once you have learned these 50+ recipes, you will have not only a great daily diet, but also the ability to make up your own variations of a large selection of types of dishes and alter any recipe you find on the internet or otherwise into a healthy but very tasty version of your own that will serve your own dietary needs.

This book is not only a recipe book, but also a course in how to cook and to alter recipes to your health specifications. Reading this book will demonstrate to you, for instance, how to take an old family recipe of your own mother’s and make changes to it that render it healthier—and yet satisfy your yearning for the comfort of her cooking. Furthermore, many of those delicious looking recipes you come across while surfing the web can be altered to a more healthy version for heart and gut and you will find some of these also included in this book.

You are also encouraged to alter the recipes in this book even further, to accommodate your own health concerns and the latest diet information and research past the time of writing this book. While I have added as much dietary knowledge and resources as possible for you to use, in determining what are healthy ingredients for you specifically, it is advised to go over you particular needs with your health care physician. 

You are invited to visit this blog site for more on the content in Mom's Island Bakens, updates on recipes, cooking tips and even some added delicious and healthy recipes.

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